Quartz Kitchen Worktops in Dorking at a Competitive Price

With so many different types of kitchen worktops to choose from, how do you decide which one to buy from your Dorking home? Granite worktops and marble worktops are equally fantastic options, but this page focuses on quartz – one of the most popular materials with visitors to our showroom in Redhill. Our stonemasons also create worktops for use in a commercial environment, and we even supply direct to members of the trade.

Many of our Dorking visitors choose Town & Country Marble to install quartz worktops into their homes after hearing about us from previous customers and they’re never disappointed with the results. Many come in just to view granite or marble worktops, but find themselves swayed by the style and variation of kitchen worktops manufactured from quartz.

Here, we explain why quartz worktops might be the perfect choice for your Dorking home. Alternatively, please contact us on 01293 824246 to talk to us about quartz over the phone.


Quartz worktops tend to be a little lower in cost compared to granite worktops and marble worktops. If your Dorking property has an especially large kitchen, an investment into granite or marble kitchen worktops will be that little more expensive. Quartz worktops give you access to a worktop of exceptionally high quality while helping to keep the cost down.

Town & Country Marble offers free consultations and obligation-free quotations, so there’s no excuse not to visit our Redhill showroom and to what we can bring to your home.


Manufacturers have a large degree of control over quartz worktops. Our stonemasons add glass or metallic flecks to create natural tones of black, white and brown, or gold and blue for a more dazzling effect. Choose from a variety of colours, textures and patterns, and have bespoke kitchen worktops manufactured to the exact specification and style of your kitchen.

Our showroom has samples available for those who would like to preview how quartz might look in the home. We also provide samples for granite worktops and marble worktops.


Town & Country Marble often receives enquiries from Dorking homeowners asking how hygienic our different kitchen worktops are. Quartz worktops make the perfect choice for kitchens, both domestic and commercial, and have a non-porous structure that deems them appropriate for food preparation and consumption areas – perfect for those with families.

Subject to maintaining a clean and healthy home environment, there’s never any need to worry about any of our kitchen worktops proving hazardous in themselves.


While granite worktops and marble worktops are the first two materials that come to mind when thinking of strength and durability, quartz certainly holds its own. Stonemasons create quartz worktops from approximately 93% of natural quartz stone and 7% of resin binder. This results in stronger kitchen worktops which last for a lifetime if properly looked after.

In fact, quartz is naturally one of the strongest materials on earth and compares very well against granite, but at a price that opens it up to those with a more modest budget.


Dorking homeowners who don’t want to spend their valuable time maintaining kitchen worktops would do well to invest in quartz from Town & Country Marble. Quartz worktops don’t stain particularly easily and never require a re-seal. A quick wipe down after use will suffice, and this usually requires nothing more than a clean cloth dampened with water.

Granite worktops and marble worktops also clean easily, as do our natural stone tiles. Visitors to our Redhill showroom can see our attractive wall and floor tiles on display.

Contact 01293 824 246 and talk to Town & Country Marble. We cover Dorking as a supplier of granite, marble and quartz kitchen worktops.