Kitchen Worktops in Epsom | The Beauty of Granite

Town & Country Marble supplies a stunning range of kitchen worktops to homeowners, businesses and tradesmen across Surrey, including marble worktops and quartz worktops. We also sell granite worktops, a popular product choice with our many customers from Epsom. Granite is an amazingly hard rock that consists of feldspar, mica and quartz, and it makes a perfect stone for worktops because it is crystalline, granular and igneous.

This page looks at the practical benefits of granite worktops, and gives prospective visitors from Epsom a much clearer idea of what to expect from our Redhill showroom.


If you are looking for the trade’s toughest and most durable kitchen worktops, granite is your best possible option. It is, in fact, the only natural material to match diamond for hardness. Diamond worktops, understandably, would be a little expensive side. Granite worktops are just as durable but come at a price that’s within the range of most people.

Like marble worktops and quartz worktops, and subject to you caring for them with little more than light cleaning, granite worktop should be the last you’ll ever need to buy.


It’s important to use a professional team for the installation of granite worktops, just like our stonemasons and fitters who work from premises 10 miles from Epsom. DIY enthusiasts frequently seal kitchen worktops incorrectly and this leads to problems with hygiene further down the line. When properly sealed, granite worktops resist staining and bacteria well.

Cleaning granite worktops, marble worktops and quartz worktops requires nothing more than soapy water. Even if you accidentally chip a countertop, we can provide an easy fix.


Granite, marble and quartz worktops each offer their own different aesthetic. We find that our Epsom customers, be they homeowners, businesses or members of the trade, all have different tastes and preferences. Granite worktops adapt to kitchens of different styles, and they offer a high-end finish that displays all of the benefits one expects from natural stone.

Only quartz and marble can give granite kitchen worktops a run for their money, but most of the visitors to our Redhill showroom agree that granite is an incredibly desirable material.


New granite worktops (and new marble worktops or quartz worktops) boost the value of Epsom homes and offer a return on investment as high as 100%. This means our kitchen worktops actually pay for themselves should you ever sell your home. Enjoy the benefits of our granite countertops today knowing the investment should pay off further down the line.

Call in to see us at our local showroom where we have a complete range of stone worktops on display, and take away samples to find the best possible finish for your home or business.

Contact 01293 824 246 and talk to Town & Country Marble. We cover Epsom as a supplier of granite, marble and quartz kitchen worktops.