Beautiful, Bespoke Kitchen Worktops in Godstone | Town & Country Marble Ltd

Redhill’s Town & Country Marble Ltd regularly visits the Godstone area to install stunning, bespoke kitchen worktops and tiles, elevating interiors and raising the values of the properties in which they feature. A time served independent stonemason, we work with a variety of premium materials – specialising in the manufacture of quartz worktops, marble worktops and granite worktops for kitchens. Working with inspiration gathered by our clients, we made dream countertops a reality, ensuring you don’t have to compromise by purchasing generic, mass-manufactured products.

There are certain characteristics that the aforementioned materials share which make them ideally suited to this end application as kitchen worktops. For example, they are each known for their durability, meaning they can put up with the everyday wear and tear that most worktops will be subject to. They’re also all aesthetically rich, with the kinds of unique characteristics you get when opting for natural materials over synthetic replicas. Each is also low maintenance and treated with sealant, meaning the types of spillage that are a given in any kitchen environment aren’t going to be a major problem.

We’d like to spend a little longer on this subject of maintenance, considering how our Godstone clients can look after their quartz worktops, marble worktops and granite worktops / tiles. So that’s the subject of the page below. If you’re more interested in learning about our product range, browse the rest of our website or give us a call on 01293 824 246.

Caring for Granite Worktops

Clean warm water or PHD neutral detergents should be used to clean granite worktops, paired with soft cloths to dry them and a chamois leather to carefully remove streaking. Granite worktops do not deal well with abrasive sponges, bleaches and high chlorine or high alkaline solutions – so avoid powerful cleaning substances; they’re simply overkill! The same goes for maintaining any granite tiles featured in your Godstone property.

Caring for Quartz Worktops

The everyday maintenance of quartz worktops involves a quick wipe down with warm water and a drop of surface cleaner. Afterwards, they should be rinsed and dried with a soft cloth. We recommend Godstone residents clean any spills immediately, and avoid the use of glass cleaner, bleach or anything acidic – such as homebrew concoctions featuring vinegar or citrus. Also avoid any abrasive cleaning tool, such as a scourer, which can cause damage to kitchen worktops over time.

Caring for Marble Worktops

Any stonemason worth their salt will tell you that, just as with quartz kitchen worktops, spillages should not be left to sit on marble worktops; immediately wipe them up to avoid any kind of damage or stainage. Regular polishing will keep marble worktops nice and bright. Marble powder can also be used should you scratch your kitchen countertops. Simply add a stone polish over the powder and voila! Godstone property owners should also keep in mind that kitchen worktops that do not feature permanent sealants will require regular re-sealing, to prevent liquids and pollutants from working their way into the marble itself. Once a year is usually sufficient for marble worktops.

For tailored advice, or to get a quote on stunning granite, marble or quartz kitchen worktops, manufactured and installed in your Godstone property, call us today on 01293 824 246.