Bespoke Granite Worktops in Surrey from Town & Country Marble

Town & Country Marble, located in Redhill, manufactures and installs a definitive collection of bespoke kitchen worktops – including our selection of striking granite worktops. We see countless benefits to using granite in the manufacture of worktops. Granite has a durability and a timeless aesthetic of its own, and is easy to maintain. With professional fitting, it lasts for decades and looks just as good in 10 or 20 years as it did on the day we installed it.

Our beautiful granite worktops hold a distinctive charm over homeowners in Dorking, Epsom, Reigate and the wider Surrey area. If you live in the region, or operate as a member of the trade, drop by our showroom in Redhill and take a look at our extensive collection. We also have kitchen worktops available in marble and quartz, and a selection of natural stone tiles on display. All products have their own unique styles, colours and patterns.

Granite Kitchen Worktops | Excellence in Natural Stone

When deciding on a material for kitchen worktops, it’s impossible to go wrong with granite. This natural stone of immaculate quality is an igneous rock made from small particles, mainly quartz and feldspar which both give granite its coarse-grain texture. It is a common and widely occurring natural stone, and the second hardest natural material after diamond.

This is what makes granite such an excellent choice for kitchen worktops and tiles.

Our granite worktops come in an array of distinctive patterns and colours, which feature pink, red, brown, grey, black, blue and even white shades. Because granite is a natural stone, no two pieces are ever the same so your worktop has its own unique finish. We welcome customers to browse through samples to find a style perfect one for their homes.

Town & Country Marble has a showroom in Redhill which is easily accessible from Dorking, Epsom, Reigate and all surrounding locations in the immediate Surrey area.

We use industry-leading technology and experienced handcraftsmanship to produce kitchen worktops of the highest quality. Our stonemasons have experience in creating granite worktops quickly, and always to your personal specifications. Town & Country Marble sends out a professional fitter to your Surrey property to take accurate measurements, before transforming your chosen stone into a beautiful worktop to grace kitchens and bathrooms.

Reasons to Choose Granite Worktops

  • Granite worktops have an extremely resilient structure. Granite is the second-hardest natural material after diamond
  • When properly installed and sealed by skilled stonemasons like our own, granite worktops are easy to clean and difficult to stain
  • Such a strong material is also hard to scratch and has the ability to resist temperature changes. Granite has high heat and UV resistance
  • Granite worktops offer timeless aesthetic appeal. Being rich and elegant in appearance, they transform Dorking, Epsom, Reigate and Surrey kitchens
  • Natural stone variance doesn’t stop you finding the perfect colour for a property. Granite is available in multiple shades at our showroom in Redhill
  • Because granite is made from compressed rock, it offers an impenetrable block against germs to make it one of the most hygienic materials for kitchen worktops

Please visit our gallery to see examples of granite worktops fitted by our stonemasons.

Call 01293 824 246 to speak to Town & Country Marble. We supply granite kitchen worktops to customers in Redhill, Dorking, Epsom, Reigate and Surrey.