Quartz Worktops in Redhill | Crafted by Traditional Stonemasons

As one of the few companies in Redhill or Surrey to still use the traditional working skills of a stonemason, customers expect us know a thing or two about granite and marble. These two materials have been a popular choice in the design and manufacture of natural stone worktops for some time. More recently, quartz worktops have enjoyed a rise in desirability – mainly because the offer the same benefits of granite and marble but at a friendlier price.

Here are some facts about quartz as a material, and about the stunning quartz worktops we sell to homeowners, businesses and tradespersons in our home town of Redhill.


Stonemasons make quartz worktops using an approximate 93% blend of natural quartz crystals, with up to 7% of added polymer, resins and binding agent. During manufacture, the stonemason uses a pigment to “stain” the surface and to give each worktop its own striking and uniform colour. This level of attention makes quartz worktops 100% unique. It’s good to know that no other home in the Redhill area will have the same worktop as your own.

The versatility of quartz sees it manufactured into worktops using an array of patterns and veins, with either glass or mirror flecks added. These flecks create dazzling and distinctive hues in the kitchens of our Redhill customers, especially in room spaces with plenty of light.


Quartz is one of the most chameleonic minerals on the planet. In fact, a skilled stonemason can fabricate quartz into finishes that look like more expensive kitchen worktops. Buying quartz worktops that look just like granite worktops or marble worktops is within the realms of possibility. We’ve installed quartz worktops into many homes across the Redhill area where the owners require large and uniform kitchen islands without any unsightly joins.

If you have a smaller budget to spend, our stonemasons manufacture worktops from quartz that replicate the appearance of costlier granite or marble alternatives to perfection.


Any experienced stonemason knows that quartz is the third strongest material in the earth’s crust, trailing granite and diamond, the undisputed champion. This is just one reason why quartz is now a more common feature in Redhill and Surrey kitchens. Quartz worktops require very little maintenance and never need re-sealing. After an initial purchase, homeowners never need to concern themselves with regular upkeep or repair work.

Other benefits of quartz include a non-porous surface that makes it easy to clean, and it is completely stain-resistant. Just use soapy water and a cloth when you need to wipe it down.

Visit our showroom in Redhill to see the granite, marble and quartz worktops we have on display. Take the time to talk to a stonemason personally, or take away samples to see how each of the materials we supply will look once installed into your home. Town & Country Marble always leaves you to browse through displays without any high-pressure sales talk.

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