Natural Stone Tiles from a Time-Served Stonemason in Redhill


At Town & Country Marble’s showroom in Redhill, you’ll find an abundance of beautiful natural stone tiles for use in your home. Founded in 2003, our family-run company of stonemasons manufactures, supplies and installs high-quality stone worktops throughout Surrey. Natural stone tiles made from materials such as marble, limestone, slate, quartz and granite make a perfect choice for creating a timeless look and a durable surface.


We’re one of Surrey’s leading suppliers of natural stone tiles, and our stonemasons produce products for customers in Dorking, Epsom, Reigate and all surrounding areas.


Use natural stone tiles in any room, from kitchens and bathrooms to hallways and living rooms. Strong and hardwearing yet stunning in appearance, natural stone integrates perfectly into any existing home space. Thanks to our wide choice of tiles and our helpful approach to customer service, homeowners can find the perfect style to suit their needs.


Our stonemasons make tiles from premium quality materials but, because manufacturing remains in-house at our company, we keep costs down for customers and clients. We use natural stone tiles for a range of applications, including kitchen and bathroom worktops, walls, floors, fireplaces and hearths. Whatever your requirements, our professional team of craftsmen has the skill and the experience needed to produce outstanding results.

We supply and install natural stone tiles to homeowners in Redhill, Dorking, Epsom, Reigate and all surrounding towns and villages in the Surrey area. Our company performs each installation using meticulous attention to detail for stunning results. Every tile supplied by Town & Country Marble has unique patterns and markings for a beautiful, natural finish.


Our selection of natural stone tiles includes:


Marble Tiles – The majestic appearance of marble has always made it a popular choice in the home. It’s an excellent material for bathrooms, kitchens and living areas, and brings a touch of class to any room. Marble tiles come in a range of patterns and tones.


Granite Tiles – Granite tiles come in various colours from pink, red and brown hues, through to neutral grey, black blue and even white shades. One of the key benefits for choosing granite is the strength and durability of the material – second only to diamonds.


Quartz Tiles – A highly polished material, quartz has an elegant and seamless finish. With the ability to withstand daily use, quartz tiles work well for kitchens, for bathrooms and for fireplaces. Visit our showroom in Redhill to see the many samples we have on display.


The stonemasons at Town & Country Marble have worked with natural stone tiles for more than 14 years. Our team uses its experience and skill to craft beautiful, bespoke pieces for customers all over Surrey and the South East, including the nearby towns of Dorking, Epsom and Reigate. We combine practiced craftsmanship with cutting edge CNC technology.


Call 01293 824246 for more information on stunning natural stone tiles, supplied to Redhill, Dorking, Epsom, Reigate and Surrey customers by time-served stonemasons.